Well, get to go and see the dentist on Wed morning, can’t wait. Fed up of the pain. Am I just being a baby? NO.
Food not so important when in pain! S’funny how you can still manage to eat rubbish though!!!!


Jonathan is going on a weight management course via GP, he (Jonathans) kindly said I might want to go too, Gp will speak to me when I go see him Wed evening for un-weight related visit.
As long as I can fit in in around work that’s fine by me.
Still not wearing my false teeth, honestly such a ‘hag’. Too painful to put them in. Not a good look.


Had to go to physio earlier today (yep back pain). Had to take off work tunic and had back massage type thing. Then did few exercises, physiotherapist said look in mirror (full length mirror). OMG, how many ‘spare tyres’ do I have front and back? Not nice to see in the cold light of day/physio cubicle.


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