Weighing day

Got weighed in work.
72 kgs.
Went back to dentist in afternoon to get my dentures back with this addition of a new tooth. Ouch, mega ouch. Totally hurt. Dentist said my gum, extraction area is swollen and sore ( I would agree with that). Can’t wear false teeth till it settles down. So have to stay hag like and gummy for few more days.
Sadly having a very painful mouth does not stop me eating.


Bought tins of soup from shop for myself, also bought ingredients to make a sweet potato and butternut squash soup.
Today despite dentist, has been a bit of a pig-out day.
4 soft ham rolls.
2 Mr Kipling bakewell cakes.
1/2 a large mint aero.
For lunch I had cuppa soup and a yogurt and for tea I had lentil soup and a roll.
Ohhhhhh very bready day.


Am in work tomorrow.


Think I’ll dye my hair reddish again. Bored with it.


Time for a change from the blonde I think.

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