Weighing Day

Got weighed at work today, appear to have gained a lb or two. Not to worry, I expected it with having gone away and had a thoroughly good time as you can see!


So, currently weigh 73 kgs. Hmmmm……..must hop on my home scales in the morning and see what I am in stones/lbs.
Was v naughty at lunch in work and bought a sandwich from the hospital shop instead of eating the tin of tomato and basil soup I had taken in for lunch. Chicken and mayo sandwich on light rustic (light as air) bread was hardly worth almost 300 calories.
Ham and tomato sandwich for tea at home – yep, more bread.


Avoided a chocolate binge. Asked Neil to pop to shop for Friday Night Treats ( that’s what Friday’s are for yes?). But changed my mind at last minute so he didn’t pop to shop.


The more I avoid binging the better. Cutting down on all the rest of the extra snacking will hopefully be ‘the norm’ eventually. As will daily exercise!


Hell yeah!!!!!

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