11 st 3 lbs (157 lbs)

Went to Chester with J and booked my tattoo, nxt Wed afternoon. It has rained all day. Had a nice ham sandwich in a cafe in Chester with J.
Feel I should get goong on our treadmill each day, at the moment we just hang the clean washing on it.

20130731-050117 PM.jpg
Here’s the sort of tattoo I am going to get, the tattooist said I have small wrists, its about the only part of me that is small!

20130731-050303 PM.jpg
Me looking somewhat not slim, the other night.
Its my birthday on Aug 18th and I shall be 50.

20130731-050909 PM.jpg
Dont imagine I csn lose say 14 lbs by Aug 18th, would be nice if I could?

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