Feeling good

Had super healthy lunch in work, ham salad and an Apple. Walked home from work in my summer dress, one that I don’t feel too fat in. Got changed outta my uniform in work. Gosh our uniform is hot ( as in makes you feel boiling hot), that and wearing clunky black work shoes n socks……..phew.
Enjoyed my walk home even though was sunny and hot.
Yes we seem to be having a heatwave type thing going on.


Neil had healthy tea cooked fir me when I got home, yummy beef stir-fry with lots of veggies. DID have bowl of cornflakes with skim milk after, hooked on cornflakes.
Unfortunately did not make use of nice weather after tea as fell asleep till 10pm……..ooooops.


More pics of a by-gone age (ie, me slimmer circa 2004)




I will get slimmer.

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