Family meals

How come we are sitting here arguing about what is a good ‘diet’? Though we do all agree, we need to plan our meals more. We are all trying to lose weight yet none of us are being particularly successful. Also does not help that we all live a sedentary lifestyle. R barely goes out of the house, same for Neil. J will make more of an effort and go for walks. I work 5 days a week and have been walking to and from work.
I enjoyed my walk to work this morning, Sun shining, listening to my music as I walked (Busted, Weezer, McFly, Avril Lavigne, Paramore).


Was meant to go on a picnic in the afternoon, it got cancelled.
Had a meeting at R’ s school. Far too hot to sit in a classroom.
Watching Bitchin Kitchen – brilliant and funny.
Well, aiming to walk to work tomorrow as long as I don’t oversleep.


No more donuts!!!!!!!


No more wine!!!!


No more sitting on my butt!!!!


Skinny lattes are ok I say!!!!!

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