HUNGER ‘growl’

Today? Well, no breakfast as per usual. Growling stomach getting on for lunch time. Couldn’t resist a few chocolate truffles from the tin in the office. And I popped a chocolate truffle into my (and a work colleague’s) coffee – kinda like a ‘mocha’.
Had homemade soup for lunch (carrot,Swede,onion,garlic,cumin,turmeric,chilli and parsnips that needed cooking and something called wheatberries. Very yummy filling soup.
Might have had one or two or three chocolates to finish off lunch.
Got home 4:45pm, had cup of tea, 5:30pm went out to other job till 7:00pm. Came home hungry. Had a lean bacon sandwich with HP brown sauce! Once eaten, was very tempted to go make another one straight away ( more bread). But I didn’t. Had a cup of tea n a banana, how reasonable is that!!!!!?
I gotta get some sort of a grip on my eating.


FAT tummy!!!! I love my built-in-cushion!!! NOT!

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