Stress = Eating

Mildly stressed, the usual – kids, work, the house, husband and cold rainy weather. Trouble is, when I’m stressed, only chocolate will do. It calms me and makes me think ‘yes, I can cope with what is stressing me’.
I don’t feel guilty until the next time I
1: struggle into something too tight
2: hop on the scales
3: catch sight of my flab in a mirror or
4: have eaten so much I feel sick.
DIDN’T eat breakfast today, decided today was going to be a FAST day. Got to work breakfastless and just had a few mugs of coffee in the morning, despite there being loads of left over sweets and chocolates in our office.
Got home 1pm, hungry, tired. Made an egg toaster in the sandwich toaster, enjoyed that so made and ate another one. Probable carb overload – fell asleep on couch till 5pm.
Went to Add a with Neil, tried to avoid cream cakes, got a Moo Yoo or whatever it was called small frozen sort of chocolate yogurt.
It was disgusting, finished that and needed real chocolate so had a cup of coffee with 2 kit-kat, one plain and one orange flavoured. STRESS is a bugger.


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