Black to work

Was in work today, 8am till 5pm. Had a banana for breakfast(am never hungry at breakfast time unless presented with a ‘full English’). Anyway – took a UltraSlim (Tesco version of Slim Fast) into work for lunch, all ok, wasn’t particularly hungry, even managed to avoid Christmas goodies left in cupboard in our office.
Neil picked me up from work at 5. I was TIRED, a bit hungry and cheeses off to realise no nice cooked meal was waiting for me at home plus we had to call at Tesco for bread, milk and Pepsi Max (I never drink the chemical stuff but Neil and kids do)
Spotted a large chocolate cake /roll which was reduced, so tempting we bought it. Plus more yes more squirty cream.
Ate cake first, then stir fried sausage, onion and leek for me. Then ate more cake and a packet of cheese n onion crisps.
Oooooh dear. Damn.

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