To Shake or not To Shake

20121217-065837 AM.jpg
Well, I am trying to decide if now is a good time to do a week on Slim Fast ( 1 week to go to Christmas Eve). I have some tins of Chocolate SlimFast in. Weighed in this mirning at 11 st 3 lbs or (157 lbs). Grrr…….. Feeling fat and flabby. Just had an UltraSlim shake (Tesco’s version of SlimFast). I find the Ultraslim less sweet than SF which I prefer. It’s chocolate flavour, sort of! I’m never hungry in the mornings (unless presented with a Full cooked English Breakfast!).
for lunch I had a homemade roll with caramalised onion, tomato and goats cheese. It was yummy. Aiming to have UltraSlim shake for eve meal. Hoping am not starving hungry.

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